Sunday, 7 October 2012

...and theres more.

"A Sunday ride out"
"Unicorn and the beautiflys"

This style is becoming quite adictive for me. I really enjoy doing them and they don't take that long to do. I awoke this morning at 6:45 (I know, not right on a Sunday) bright eyed and bushy tailed and got on with colouring these two. All I need to do now is get them printed and framed. If any body is interested in having a fully framed print please let me know. These will be going for about £10 (when framed) and £5 (unframed).

Anywho I shall be keeping thee posted about how I get on with them. :) Happy Sunday!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Some new illustrations

"The Foxy Gentleman"
"Lady Bird"

Just a mini update to show that I am still doing some arty bits here and there whilst working full time. These two will be framed to be sold. I was aiming to target little tea shops. I have bought some little white frames with a lovely old style border around an oval frame. York has many lovely little victorian style tea rooms and with a bit of luck some nice little place will want to purchase one of these beauties.

I shall be posting more soon... just need to colour the others. I will also post photos of these in their frames ready to be sold :)