Sunday, 29 July 2012

Granny's Gun Lip sync test

Well well well.... long time no post. I graduated from Staffordshire University on Friday 13th of July then promptly started a job the following Monday. I am greatful to be working even if it is not animation related. Money is Money. But because my new job is full time and long hours it has been a challenge to find the energy to stay creative. Weekends are just about the only time I have to persue my animation and illustration work. This weekend I was inspired by an elderly woman I saw on the bus on my way to work. She was very small and very softly spoken. I could not imagine her hurting a fly. So I came up with this piece of showing a sweet granny dealing with hooligans! It is a bit rough as I only have the basic tools to create minimations... literally paper, pen, lightbox, scanner, premiere. What more does one need. Anyway it has been a while, just needed to warm up the old animating muscles.


Granny's Gun from Chloe Howley on Vimeo.

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